Free!  no contract, no time limits, no obligation, no kidding!


 "My name is Wolf Brueggemann and I am a relocation consultant with Island Realty. The first and only fully licensed bonded broker in Bocas del Toro.

I am confident that once the expat community becomes aware of Trades Vacation and the quality and skill that will come from the tradespeople from Canada and the US, the expats will be turning to Trades Vacations for their projects. There just aren't enough skilled trades in this area".  


We are very honored to have this great service influencing our Country.

When I was first contacted by Cory from Trades Vacation, regarding buying ad space, I thought the concept was very unique, so I put him on the front cover of our June/18 edition as well as gave Trades Vacation a full page write up on the inside.

We desperately need skilled trades to help out us out down here and this concept is a winner! 

Austin Hess

Senior Editor

The Panama Good Times