At Trades Vacation we like to encourage our members to get involved in their communities by volunteering their special skills, especially in home building projects.  

Numerous non-profit charities and other organizations are desperate for help from all members of the community, but what is of the greatest need are skilled building tradespeople.


Trades Vacation has a 'Trade for Trades'  program that 

encourages tradespeople to come out and help their fellow citizens build a better tomorrow.


Trades Vacation will donate a one-year membership In

exchange for a  'volunteer day'  performed by a Tradesperson.


Trades Vacation is currently seeking official status and partnership with various Non-Profits to streamline our 'Trade for Trades' program.  But until this is established, we simply require a letter stating that the 'volunteer day' was completed.  Please, have the non-profit provide a letter with the logo or the letterhead of the organization and a contact person.

Contact us at for more details. 

Trades Vacation is not affiliated with Habitat for Humanity or Rasta Animal Rescue at this time. The links are just provided as a convenience to our visitors.

These are two of the local organizations that we support in our community.

If you have an organization in your community that could benefit from our program please, contact us using the link above..

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