This is Molly, she owns a beautiful vacation home in Costa Rica that had a leaky roof. Luckily for Molly, she was able to find a qualified professional roofer and trade one of her vacant rooms and got her roof repaired for free.

This is Sarah, she was excited when she registered her husband at, so now her and the kids are having a blast, enjoying 8 days of fun in the sun for her husbands 4-day trade

This is Aaron, he owns an eco-resort in Panama and wanted to provide his guests with nightly entertainment, He registered at and before he knew it, his guests were relaxing to the fresh musical vibe. 



Do you need repairs or services for your vacation property?

Are you a professional that needs a vacation?


Look no further than Trades Vacation.

We facilitate the exchange of equal 'Virtual Values'.

Professional services in exchange for accommodations.

It's that simple!

We work with Caribbean eco-resort owners and other vacation properties to facilitate an arrangement for

the bartering of skills and energy in exchange for accommodation.

We currently have clients in Panama that require painters, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, security systems installers, musical entertainers, yoga instructors, solar technicians, massage therapists, consultants, IT , websites, water treatment ...

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